Little Beans Preschool
Quick Facts

*Little Beans Preschool operates Monday-Friday 8-5:30, year round.

*Age range 2-5, mixed age classroom

*Student to Teacher ratio 1:8 (often lower)

*staff consists of 6 highly qualified and dedicated teachers (we are a more like family then co-workers)

* Little Beans does not charge annual fees or any additional fees.

* Once you enroll with us your tuition rate is locked in. (yes, that means we never raise your tuition)

*Rates: Under 29 hours a week=1,300 a month (max four days a week)
Over 30 hours=$1,650 a month.

*Our String Beans (4 and 5 year olds) go on daily walking field trips.

* We offer weekly yoga, dance, and music classes. 

*Heather Smalley and Kathleen Fitzpatrick started Little Beans Preschool, a little over ten years ago! 

* Soccer Shots will join us for July and August. (every Wednesday)

* Swimming!  Our string beans will enjoy two weeks of swim lessons during string bean summer camp! 

Contact information:
Classroom: 510-649-1751
Cell Phone: 510-926-2795

A Note From a current Parent: 

To Parents Looking for a Preschool:

Trust me: Little Beans is an excellent place to send your precious ones. The atmosphere is nurturing and fun, and the kids are exposed to a wide range of learning experiences, like outings, classes, art projects, and a variety of playtime activities. They take discipline and safety seriously, but in an upbeat and positive way, so that kids are motivated rather than demoralized. I also appreciate that when they make a rule or give a consequence, they explain the reasons behind it so that kids can start learning some critical thinking. For my daughter, her two years at Little Beans were a great balance of learning and play. She gained a solid academic foundation for kindergarten without realizing that she was learning during all the fun. (I, however, knew exactly what she was learning because we got yearly curriculum updates and weekly newsletters explaining it.) She had hugs every day and a walk around the neighborhood almost every day. She adored her teachers, especially Ms. Kathleen and Ms. Heather, and they showered her with affection. She had some yoga classes, some music classes, and some French classes, and I was continually surprised and pleased with the knowledge she brought home. She learned how to relate to kids of both genders and all ages, how to sit still for a lesson, and what it means to be respectful. I found the teachers to be supportive of my parenting and very willing to work with me. For example, when Natasha started acting up during naptimes, I devised a dessert-for-naps reward system, and the teachers were faithful about reporting how well she behaved every day until I changed the system. Theywere flexible with scheduling, which was important to us, and had a sense of humor when dealing with various administrative issues like late pickups. The school grew quite a bit while we were there, but they retained personal touches such as helping her make birthday cards for my husband and me.

Our next Little Bean will enroll in 2014, so perhaps our paths will eventually cross!




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