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January 2016:

Our family was new to Little Beans in 2015. My daughter started at 2 yr 4 months. We have been so thrilled with everything from the caring, engaged teachers, bright, clean, cheerful and light classroom environment, weekly activities like yoga and music, the charming outdoor playground and the age appropriate application of the High Scope curriculum.   

The team at Little Beans helped my daughter easily transition to school and made it important to do things on her terms, gradually as she was ready, directed by her interests (she's a "spirited" kid and has never even had a baby sitter or been to daycare previously and has become confident and so happy at school).  It feels like a partnership between parent and teachers- lots of communication about how the days are going and always encouragement.  

It's also wonderful to see the bigger and little kids interact with each other in such a respectful way.  I feel so lucky to have found Little Beans.  I recommend this school without hesitation to parents considering preschool, even for kids under 3 like mine.

Good to know: Part and full time options with flexibility, no fees and extra charges, kids bring their own lunch and snack, my daughter started not fully potty trained

Email From Current Parent December 2015:  
*Please feel free to contact us for parent references.

 December 4, 2015:

Dear teachers, 

Thank you for sending me pictures of the activities the girls are taking part in on Fridays! This morning Indie asked me "is it Friday?" When I told her it was she was so excited "we're gonna make garlic bread today!!"

The garlic bread was delicious!! ( I had both mom's and dad's portion)And indie was able to tell me exactly what went into making it! I was do proud of her and so happy she's learning these things!!

Thank you for your patients and creativity and for providing such an awesome environment for the girls to be in during the week. I'm so glad they are a part of Little Beans.



I have two boys that went to Little Beans and had such a wonderful
experience.  They both started at exactly 2 and he transition was very
smooth.  Both of my children have a lot of energy and there was more
than enough free play and outside time for them.  Kathleen is one of the
teachers and did such an amazing job with my older son's appetite for
learning new things. She would guide him and teach him anything he
wanted to learn.  He is at Sequoia elementary in Oakland and was fully
prepared and has a love for learning.
Molly Salyk December 2015

My two sons are off into the world of elementary school and thanks to Little Beans Preschool, they are off beautifully. They both went to Little Beans for 3 years, starting when they were 2 and they thrived there. While each teacher has a different personality (the directors, Miss Kathleen and Miss Heather, as well as Miss Christie), they create a really warm and loving environment and knew each child really well. The philosophy is mostly play base, which is best for kids, but there is just the right amount of "class time" as they call it. Children learned basics with numbers and letters, and even a little bit more if parents want to. They know how to listen to what parents want while offering good guidance and advice. Drop in at any time of the day and you will see happy kids there. The whole child is taken into consideration: art, dance/yoga/music class with the wonderful Miss Carly twice a week; trips to the library and the local playgrounds and for the bigger String Beans, small Urban adventures by city bus and even the BART! My sons loved these trips and are very aware of street safety thanks to Little Beans. Little Beans was also very patient and flexible came potty training, which was really helpful. Both my sons made great friends there and the parents community is wonderful. Once a month they have a date night for parents and my oldest son loved his pre-K so much that he attended until 2nd grade! I would definitely recommend Little Beans; my sons were more than ready for K and we consider them family!

By abordet on Sep 13, 2015

We have been Little Beans parents for 5 years. Both of our sons have graduated from Little Beans and are doing very well in kindergarten and elementary school. They both enjoyed going to Little Beans and enjoy going back to visit. The teachers are very loving towards the children and also teach them wonderful values. In addition to improving their writing, fine motor skills and language skills, they also learn how to treat others with respect and kindness. We had a wonderful 5 years with Little Beans and I highly recommend this amazing preschool.

By timmjat on Sep 12, 2015

We are so happy that we chose to send our son to Little Beans Preschool. The daycare (inside and outside) is bright and cheery. The teachers are warm, thoughtful, and always prepared to discuss your child's day. Our son is always happy to arrive and is full of stories about his day when he leaves. And as parents we especially appreciate the ease of drop-off and pick-up. Upon arriving, the kids have several quiet playtime options, including an art project that is always creative and interesting. And at pick-up time, the kids are typically involved in story time so they are not too amped up before getting in the car. Win-win!

By Albany Mama on Jun 30, 2014

Aug 2014

My son is about to begin his 3rd and final year at Little Beans Preschool. It is conveniently located right off of University in Berkeley close to BART and not too far from the highway, making it really easy to drop him off and pick him up. We have been so happy with our experience over the years. The staff is incredibly knowledgable, enthusiastic and seem to always be in a great mood. What I appreciate most about the staff is how easy they made the whole experience of starting preschool. This is typically a stressful time for most people, but LIttle Beans has some magical way of going with the flow and dealing with everything so easily and professionally. My son has made great friends and loves to learn. He always amazes me with the things he has learned there. My son will be more than prepared for kindergarten. I am a teacher and I really appreciate their approach to letting the kid's interests guide their instruction. Every time anyone brings in a book or something to share they always make time for it. Sometimes these have even led to full studies on the subject. The older kids also get to go on many adventures in the neighborhood. Field trips for preschoolers are rare and so valuable. I love this school so much that his little brother will begin attending this fall. I highly reccomend this school to anyone who is considering it. Molly

June 2014

My husband and I came to Berkeley as Visiting Scholars for three months, during the spring semester of 2014. We have two children: a girl who just turned 5 and a boy who is 2 and a half. We needed to work full days so we decided to enroll them in a Preschool. We wanted them to be together because it could make their transition easier (coming from abroad and not speaking any English).

We believe we where very lucky to have found Little Beans. They are caring and loving. Always paying attention to the details. The transition was very easy for my kids because one staff member is bilingual (English and Spanish) and most of the staff knew some Spanish so it was easy for my children to be understood. But also, by the end of our stay both of them were using English words and could understand basic commands and play with other children. We loved the Date Nights, which allowed us to go to dinner once a month, knowing that the kids were playing happily with their friends. My children have a great love for books and they enjoyed the reading times, especially with Miss Kathleen, who is great at reading stories. They also love to sing and thanks to the music hours now they have a whole repertoire of children songs in English, which have helped a lot on their language learning process. Their love and respect for nature was enhanced by all the activities that took place in the garden. We are all very sad to leave, but we are very grateful because Little Beans was a not only a great help but also a great environment for our kids to be at. Understanding of how hard it may be to find a place for little kids for Visiting Scholars, Miss Kathleen assured me that they always have available spots for short stay children. Ana

Aug 2013

My son is about to start kindergarten, and we've sadly bid goodbye to the wonderful people at Little Beans Preschool, who've watched over him and taught him for three happy years. The curriculum combines free play and appropriate structure with interesting projects and extras like yoga, music, and walks to local parks and sites of interest. The staff are well trained, thoughtful about their work, and exceptionally patient and kind. Under their guidance, my son has blossomed into a enthusiastic, curious fellow who's well prepared for the complex social and emotional challenges of kindergarten. He's academically well prepared too, having learned letters, numbers, some basic addition and subtraction, and more in Little Beans' bridge-K program. The owners, Heather and Kathleen, are caring and professional, as are their assistants. They've helped us through many hurdles separation anxieties when my son first started attending, discipline questions, potty training, and more. I'm especially grateful for their kindness and attention when my son had to weather my long absences for research or unexpected turmoil in the family. We feel so lucky to have found Little Beans Preschool, and to have been part of the Little Beans community. Katie

Dec 2012

We are leaving Berkeley after spending a couple of months here and wanted to tell parents looking for a preschool about our fantastic experience with Little Beans Preschool during our stay. Our 2.5 y o twin daughters had not been at school yet and adjusted very well and quickly, and had a wonderful time at the school. Miss Kathleen and Miss Heather run the school with the utmost dedication and care, and the teachers Miss Kristie and Miss Kim are both extremely professional, kind and innovative. There is also a great sense of community between the parents, several of whom, like us, are bi-national, which creates a very special learning environment. We really could not have hoped for a better preschool for the girls. Julie & Emmanuel

Aug 2012

We are very happy with the experience our family has had at Little Beans preschool. Their curriculum offers a nice balance of free play and educational instruction, which includes specialty classes like yoga and music. The seasonal projects are particularly well thought out and fun! We feel that our child received a well rounded preschool education that has prepared her for kindergarten. In addition, we find that the instructors and assistants paid close attention to our child's needs, while giving her an opportunity to further explore her skills. We also appreciate the support that Little Beans has given our family,especially in a time of recent need. Scott and Helen

Jan 2012

If north Berkeley is convenient for you, you might consider getting in touch with Little Beans Preschool. My son has been there since he was 2 (he's 3.5 now) and is very, very happy there. Because of their location near the university, they often have visiting students from other countries. They are well organized, friendly, and kind. They're located on Cedar at Walnut. Contact information: mobile: 510-926-2795; classroom: 510-649-1751; email: Happy Little Beans parent

Oct 2011

To Parents of 2-4 year-old children, Just wanted to post a recommendation for a relatively new preschool in Berkeley called Little Beans on Cedar Street in the North Grace Church. Heather and Kathleen have created a warm and nurturing environment with lots of fun activities and learning opportunities. This was a great place for my son to get ready for the world of kindergarten. Thanks, Doug

Sept 2011

I have been sending my daughter to Little Beans in Berkeley and cannot praise it enough. It is such a wonderful preschool with great teachers. Miss Heather and Kathleen run it and do a fabulous job taking care of the kids. My daughter has been so happy and well taken care of at Little Beans. They dont accept kids below 2, and I have a baby who needs to start daycare now. Hence I am taking my older one out so I can send them both to the same location. However I am so sad to be taking her our of Little Beans. Miss Kathleen is such a sweet soul who has so much energy and joy that she spreads among the kids. It has been very fulfilling for me as a mother to send my child here and I would recommend Little Beans to all parents. Shachi

I wanted to chime in with support for little beans preschool. Our daughter (now three) has been attending since march and we have very positive things to say. She loves circle time and art and we've been very happy with their walks around town...she came home one day telling us about dinosaurs after seeing some a the cal paleontology museum. Kathleen has been very responsive to our requests and very helpful with potty training. The children are diverse and my daughter has made good friends. The new teachers are friendly and loving and seem to be good additions to the school. Happy at little beans

August 2010

Our son Oliver started attending Little Beans in November of 2009. Our son has Down Syndrome and needed a little extra help with things, but is pretty independent for having down syndrome. He loved attending school here. The teachers were great and the activities were great. We are sad that we are moving on as he starts up with our school district directly after turning 3 this month, but would recommend them anyone looking in the area. Nada

June 2009

I think Little beans is a wonderful preschool. I highly recommend them. The teachers are great! I have never been happier leaving my son all day. He has really been prepared to go to kindergarden. They do a good job with all the kids learning everyday skills and social behavior. They take walks, they cook, lots of art projects, music, my sons loves circle time, reading and writing practice, and much more...Thank you Little Beans.. elizabeth

June 2009

We have been very fortunate to have found Little Beans pre-school. Our 3-yr old has been going to LBs since last August, and we couldn't be happier with how he flourished on every level. He is fond of his teachers, and has grown attached to the other children.

Their program is rich and creative, and has already opened many possibilities for our son. They learn through arts, play, and off-site experiences. The school is located at Cedar & Walnut, and the teachers have taken every advantage of the location to expose the children to the wonders of Berkeley: visits to the BPL, Habitot, Rose Garden, Cal, Peets, the Cheese Board...etc.

We are new to Berkeley, and, beyond the school program, the experience of belonging to this group of teachers and parents has been wonderful. We'd be glad to share more of our experiences, please feel free to email me.

Little Beans currently has openings for children 2-5. From more info, please contact Heather at or 510-926-2795.

May 2009

We have been blessed with having our 4.5 year old son under the terrific care and guidance of the two founding teachers of Little Beans Preschool - Miss Heather and Miss Kathleen- for almost two years. He has grown and thrived in the warm and stimulating environment they have created that includes a diverse mix of children at different levels of development and needs. While we will miss the Little Beans community as we transition out in a couple of months - we are confident that our son is well prepared for entering Kindergarten this coming Fall. We would be happy to speak to any parent considering Little Beans about our personal experience. We can be reached by email or phone which can be made available by contacting the school: or 510-926-2795. Shar

May 2009

My son who is 2 1/2 is very happy going to Little Beans. He has been in and out of day cares/ preschools since he was 4 months old, my husband and I both work full time and had a hard time finding care. Every time we thought we found a good place, it turned out either something was wrong with the day care, it was a temporary situation or my son didnmt like it.Little Beans has been different, they have the patience and take the time to make sure he is learning at the right pace and are very aware of his well being. He has learned so much since he has been under their care. They communicate well with me and my son in making sure everyone is happy and well adjusted in the first days and as the weeks go on. When my husband picks him up at the end of the day he always wants to keep playing and doesn't want to leave. Little beans does have some openings and if you would like to learn more about the school, contact Heather at Little Beans. or 510-926-2795 Jeanne

April 2009

I want to recommend Little Beans Preschool, which operates out of Grace North Church at the corner of Walnut and Ceder in Berkeley. They are currently enrolling children ages 2-5. A close-knit collection of happy kids, ably cared for by skilled staff. They've been welcoming and flexible with my daughter, who has developmental delays. Their hours of operation are 8:00- 5:30. Contact Little Beans at or 510-926-2795. Feel free to email me, Lisa, for reference as well.

April 2009

This is a shout out to BPN families who are looking for a wonderful, nurturing, and loving environment for their preschoolers. Although the school is new, the director and teachers are not and we cannot say enough nice things about them, their teaching, and their motivation for loving children. Our 5 year old daughter is thriving at Little Beans. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a recommendation. Annie

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