Little Beans Preschool

Daily Schedule

A Day at Little Beans Preschool: 

8:00-9:30 Art, Free choice, outdoor play time

9:30 Circle Time

10:00 Snack/ String Beans Class time

*On Wednesdays and Fridays the Bean Sprouts (2's) and Green Beans (3's) have "class time" from 11-11:20.

10:20-12:00 Outdoor Time, Free Choice, String Beans Explore the world

11:30 Lunch begins (lunch is served in groups of 10-15, while the other beans are having outdoor time or Jamaroo classes)

12:15 Story Time

12:30 Rest/Quiet Time Begins

2-3 Beans wake up/quite activity options/Hall or Outdoor Time

3:00 Rest/Quiet time ends

3:30 Snack

4-5:30 Outdoor exploration/ Free Choice/ Story Time
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